Welcome to Yarrow Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

Our New Home - #303 - 1005 Broad Street (Entrance via Flowers on Top).

We have settled in to our beautiful office. Our new address is just around the corner from the Yarrow building. We look forward to seeing our patients in our new space.

Comings and Goings -

David has moved to Ireland to start his own business. They are lucky to have him – he will be greatly missed here. We wish him and his family all the best! Cheryl is coming back to her full strength after being on maternity leave and is extending her hours. Ellen is enjoying the peacefulness of giving CranioSacral Therapy on the weekends.

At Yarrow, your well-being comes first.

The body has remarkable healing and restorative abilities. Injuries occur when we work or play too hard, too long, or change activities abruptly. At these times the body needs help to get back to normal.

Through Western medicine the nature of illness or injury and the healing process are well understood. Eastern medicine explores the body's complex and profoundly interconnected energy systems which depend on a balance between nurturing (yin) and vigour (yang) to maintain health and well being. A combined approach assures the speediest recovery possible.


  • Facilitate healing through time proven therapeutic techniques.
  • Take time to explain the nature and causes of the conditions we are addressing.
  • Engage the patient in the healing process through education and guidance in self management and progression of exercise programs.